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Take a Good Start of Year 2011 by Acting Out

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Spring Festival is a Chinese  traditional festival when sons and daughters work outside come back home for reunion. But for those workers still standing to his post in the festival, it means belief and responsibility more. There were 180 cadres and staff in refining plant duty on the Rabbit Spring Festival. What the Festival can bring to them is unity, persistence and responsibility more than anything.


From January 25th, the plant met a tough problem which has not arisen before ever since it goes into production that is this batch of nickel ore's special component results in the difficulty for the acid solution to filter. Until the Festival, the leaders and technician of the workshop worked together and overcame sorts of difficulties to seek out kinds of solutions to draw up the plans, after trial and error, finally it was solved. We owe it to all the cadres and staff’s efforts. The percent of pass on the appearance of the nickel reached 99.53% in the Festival, furthermore, the output still met the demand of the company under the circumstances of not enough liquid supplying, even the workers of electrolysis workshop section under a severe environment could be filled with unbounded confidence and keep a warm enthusiasm with none absence nor safety accident.


A new year comes, the refining plant makes a good start in the Festival. We believe, under the support from the Party Commission and leader group of the company, through the join efforts from all the departments, we can achieve better performance and embrace a better future.

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