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Carry Out the Group’s Meeting Spirit, Achieve Annual Goals

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The thematic meeting was held in Guangxi Yinyi Company on 16th February to deliver the Group meeting spirit, the content of Director Xiong's speech and fix up the annual work for making sure 2011 work target. Wen Daqin, Standing Committee Member of CPC, Yulin Municipal Committee, secretary of CPC in Bobai County Committee and his associates also took part in the meeting.


According to plan, all the cadres above team leader of the plants and worker representatives totaling 260 people took part in the multifunctional hall to study the report and learn the target. Xiao Wanlin, the general manager of the company and secretary of the Party committee, delivered the Group's meeting spirit to everyone joined the meeting. He mentioned that Director Xiong had pointed out in his speech, which includes that in year 2010, under the correct leadership of the leader group, Yinyi Group has stood severe tests of both policy and market, created fine economic benefits and social benefits thus ranked 424th in the National Top 500 Enterprises, in the same year, Guangxi Yinyi Science and Technic Mine Metallurgy Company made progress by technology and management innovation, emphasizing of culture of enterprise, conscientious implementation. 2011 is a key year for Yinyi Group's development strategy and target from now on till 2016, the group company requires holding the strategy and target, conscientiously implementing further the request and steps raised in company operating meeting in 2010, targeting rightly, and achieve strategic structural reform of the industrial system and the 2nd extraordinary development. In 2011, according to the arrangement of group company, Guangxi Yinyi shoulders a heavy task, which includes the construction of 100,000 tons nickel project besides guaranteeing the production, optimizing process, monitoring cost, increasing benefit.


For a full completion of the task from the group company, all the below steps should be taken in Guangxi Yinyi Company, which includes strengthening technology and working thoughts innovation, management, making a modern enterprise system, adjusting sales strategy, increasing profit, balancing production and sales, strengthening the purchasing management, reducing its cost, deepening the budgeting, checking, inspecting and safeguarding in accountancy, strengthening the management of the projects and control of investment, speeding up the projects construction, developing political advantage, strengthening enterprise culture construction. The company members also discussed some idea in light of their own managing section for answering Director Xiong's speech spirit.


After listening to the work plan for 2011,Wen Daqin extended  his greeting to all the members of the company for the festival, and emphasized, as the second largest nickel metallurgy enterprise with advanced ideas , Guangxi Yinyi Company is a strong , prosperous key mainstay enterprise which has contributed a lot to the local economic development and farmer employment. In year 2010, Ningbo Yinyi Group and Guangxi Yinyi company made a great achievement. In the coming year, it has a task which is clearer, a lofty target, it can bring more and more benefit to Bobai, and get continuous support from the local government thus get more and more convenience for its own development. He also appealed the local functional department to learn Yinyi Group's advanced management philosophy, serving the people, and boost socialist new countryside construction.


Huang Wei, Standing Committee Member of CPC in County Committee of Bobai County, Director of Longtan Industrial Park Administrative Committee, Chen Weiqiang, Standing Committee Member of CPC in County Committee of Bobai County, Chen Xiaochun, bailiff of Longtan Town, and some other leaders of County Committee, industrial park, county government also took part in the meeting.

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