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Collect Loving Heart,Raise the Hope, Donation for Saving the Worker Deng Wenyan From Yinyi Comapny

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Life is precious, because it has no take two. But when we are enjoying the colorful life, Deng Wenyan, one of our colleagues, is lying in bed, suffering the torture of illness, fight against it...This is a chapter from Initial Written Proposal of donation to save Deng Wenyan from the worker union.


She's now 37, and her husband is also a member of the company, both of them are op of the extracting plant. They raise 4 children, with the eldest one in 2nd Grade in Junior Middle School and the youngest one in 2nd Grade in Primary School. Due to the serious illness of Deng Wenyan three years ago, they spent all the deposit, and then even were in a heavy debt. When they held the idea that they can live a better life by working diligently in good physical condition, she was certified vicious ovarian tumor which requires a prompt operation. But the large amount of medical fee made this family in poverty fell into desperation.


When the difficulty was learned, the leaders of the company showed a great concern about it, the application for the special difficulty fund subsidy to Group Company also got the  leaders’ great attention, thus extended each of them 5000 Yuan difficulty subsidy, totaled 10000 Yuan. A movement called Collect Loving Heart, Raise the Hope, Donation for Saving The Worker Deng Wenyan was initiated through worker union by the company, appealing all the members of the company give a helping hand. The staff of departments and plants actively answers the call to make donation. Until 17th March, there had been 1141 people, which occupied 99.56% of the total members, make the donation with total amount reaching 30827.1Yuan. Finally, the donation from the company and the staff individually total up to 40827.1 Yuan, which shows a good spirit and sense of team work of the workers of the company. Collect the loving heart, raise the hope. This donation not only sends the warmth to the couple, but also makes all the worker staff feel the warmth of the company. We believe, under the leadership of the group company, and the joint efforts of the members, the future of Guangxi Yinyi Company will be better.

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